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Waiting Room

This allows you to see who has joined before you start the meeting and then admit them to the meeting when you are ready. As this will require you to manually move people into your session. It allows you to admit participants one at a time or all at once. Using this feature disables the ability of participants to join the room before you or your Alternative-Host. You can use this feature to require only participants who do not have a BYU Zoom account to wait until you specifically admit them. Be aware of participants who have Samsung, android, iPhone, etc. as their name. Zoombombers are using this tactic to fool hosts that they are a participant joining on their phone.

To enable Waiting Room for your own use for all your meetings:

1. Sign into, and select Settings on the left menu.

2. Navigate to the Waiting room option under In-Meeting (Advanced), and verify the setting is enabled.

Guest participants only.

If you don’t have this set for all your meetings you can do so for individual meetings when you schedule them

You can also enable the waiting room at any time during an ongoing meeting by selecting Security on the Zoom control bar, and then Enable Waiting Room.

Click "Security" button.
Select "Enable Waiting Room".