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Manage Video

Managing Video is about managing the various webcams the host and participants are using. Virtual Background are photos and videos that are shown to look like a real background of the host and participants.

To set participant’s Video off when they join use Settings on

Settings for video on  Start meetings with host video on – Off.  Start meetings with participant video on – Off.

Be aware, however, that participants can turn their Video on after they enter the meeting. If a participant is displaying unwanted Video in a meeting, the host has three primary options to handle it.

1. Disable Video of that participant. This only works with meetings that have three or more participants.

2. Spotlight another video. This will make that video be the only video any participant can see.

3. Remove the participant from the meeting.

Disable or Spotlight Video in meeting.

Click Manage Participants on the meeting Control Bar.

Click Manage Participants.

Place your mouse on the name of the participant whose video you wish to disable or spotlight. Click on More.

Click the More button next to the participant.

Select Stop Video or Spotlight Video. If you stopped the participant’s video, they will receive a pop-up message informing them of that. Each time they try to re-enable their video, they will receive the message again. You can re-enable their video using the same steps.

Select Stop Video or Spotlight Video