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Basic Safety Information

Signing In

It is always important to use your BYU Zoom account rather than a personal account. If you are logging in at, use to login.

1. Click the Sign In button.

2. Sign in with SSO.

3. Use byu ( as the SSO option.

Don't share the link to your meeting on public sites, unless it's a public meeting.
Never share the link to your meetings on public sites (unless you are hosting a public meeting) or in social media. Students often don’t see any problem with sharing meeting links or information, so remind yours not to share them. This is one of the simplest ways zoom-bombers are getting access to meetings.

Alternative Hosts
Never share your personal meeting ID and password with anyone. You can enable others to host meetings for you by making them an Alternative-Host when you set up your meeting. You find this in the Advanced Options when scheduling your meetings. Be sure you use to assign your Alternative-Hosts.