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Protect Meetings

Protect Your Zoom Meetings from Zoombombing

What is Zoombombing?

Zoombombing is the term for uninvited guests that join Zoom meetings and disrupt the meeting by sharing violent and/or pornographic imagery, racist rants, hate speech or other comments meant to disturb the meeting participants. Although Zoombombing happens mostly on publicly available Zoom links, it can happen in other ways if your settings are not configured to protect against this. Here are ways to protect you and your guests from falling victim.

To report any issues of Zoombombing, contact the Office of IT at

All impacts of protected class misconduct should be referred to the Equal Opportunity office

How to Prevent Zoombombing

Basic Zoom Settings

· Basic Safety Information

· Individual Settings For All Your Meetings

· Using Safer Meeting IDs

· Requiring a password

· Authenticated Users

Classroom Management Strategies

· Waiting Room

· Mute and Unmute Participants

· Remove Participant from Class

· Lock Meeting

Screensharing, Annotation, Chat, and Video

· Enable and Disable Screen Share and Annotation for Participants

· Disable or Restrict Chat

· Manage Video