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Requiring a Password

Add a password to the meeting. One of the best ways to add an extra layer of security to your meetings is to require the use of passwords to join.

1. Open your Zoom application and click on the Schedule icon.

Schedule Icon (button)

2. Ensure the box is checked for Require Meeting Password.

Require meeting password - Make the password a good one.

There are a couple options to consider:

Option A: Setting a Meeting Password (not embedded in the link)
This is done at the meeting scheduler or meeting tab. You may configure the meeting password so that participants will need to click on the meeting link and enter the password to join.Note: You will need to send the link and password directly to attendees.

In the ‘My Meetings, Schedule a Meeting’ form, click the ‘Require meeting password’ checkbox and edit the password (or leave with the pre-filled password to use the auto-generated one). Once finished, click the Save button.

Option B: Enable One-click Passwords for Your Own Meetings
You may choose to enable use of one-click passwords. This setting is found at the Account level. This allows Zoom to generate meetings with the password embedded in the meeting link so that participants only need to click on the link to join and do not need to enter the password separately.

Note: You will only need to send the meeting link to attendees.